Workshops in NYC November

Aerial Arts NYC
November 11th Saturday
Research and Destroy (silks/rope)
2:30-4pm Saturday Nov 11th
This class is for aerialists with some experience who want to broaden boundaries and identify the habits, assumptions and expectations in their artistic practice. We will work collaboratively, building awareness through technique, research, and experience, towards the goal of creating a coherent, thinking body. We will integrate transitions and skills into sequences to become better technicians and performing artists, being mindful of the question, “what are we choosing/drawing on, and why?”
Pre-reg: Be able to invert in air repeatedly, execute a clean hip key and know multiple ways to get into an S-wrap.

Classical technique/ Contemporary thought (lyra)
1-2:30 Saturday Nov 11th.
This workshop is for students that want to explore classic hoop vocabulary by way of contemporary thought. We will explore points of static and rolling contact and examine weight shifts that can help us find places of balance, release, and structure. You will gain movement awareness that supports intuition, technique, and your development as mover and creator.

Big Sky Works
Brooklyn, NYC
Tuesday Nov. 14th 10:30-noon (Lyra)
Wednesday Nov. 15th 10:30-noon (Lyra)

The Muse
Brooklyn, NYC
Thursday Nov 16th 10am-noon
Re-inventing the apparatus and Integrating Transitions (Silks/Rope)
This class is geared toward the aerialist who wants to explore how things work. We will deconstruct wraps to design ways of using the landmarks as jumping off points to explore points of entry and exit. We will also examine how skills and theories translate between apparatus and bodies.
Pre-req working knowledge of s-wrap and hip key. Be able to invert in the air repeatedly.
4 person minimum to run


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