Inanimate 48

Photo by Linus Gelber at Irondale Theater.

Photo by Linus Gelber at Irondale Theater.

I am judging this really cool virtual contest with some really talented people.
Check it out and bring something to the table.

Inanimate 48
Inanimate 48 is a 48 hour contest for dancers who use weight bearing apparatuses. This can be aerialists, circus artists, pole dancers, or people who just like to wiggle around on big, inanimate objects, whether or not you know any technique or tricks 🙂 Starting Friday evening on January 25th, you have 48 hours to create a brand new choreography, film it, and submit it online. Feel free to spend all weekend working on it, or maybe just whip something up in a few hours. Submissions will be reviewed by a hand selected panel of dance and artistic professionals. One winner will receive a cash grand prize, but there can be any number of honorable mentions.
Inanimate 48 has two main rules:
1. You must create something new in the 48 hour period ONLY
2. You must use a weight bearing apparatus of some kind

You can do any style of dance, use any apparatus, have any number of people in your choreography, have any length of time, film in any way you want, do it at home, in a studio, outdoors, where ever! We want to see your creative chops. This is your chance to do the kind of art you may never get to do in a typical competition or showcase setting.
Registration is $35 and opens December 1st and closes January 26th.*
$10 of each registration fee will be donated to Futures Without Violence, a non-profit organization working to prevent and end sexual abuse and domenstic violence against women and children. You can learn more about Futures Without Violence at

Learn more about Inanimate 48 and Inanimate Dance at

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