Femme Fest 2020. Dixon Place, NYC

unnamedFemme Fest, Wednesday Feb 26th, 7:30pm
@Dixon Place
Wednesday February 26th
Tickets: https://tinyurl.com/vrkag42
$17 in Adv
$20 at door

Nostalgia Will Kill A Room is a collection of short movement essays in the air, on the floor, and in conversation, pondering the body as politic. The evening moves between mediums of theater, circus, dance and pedestrian antics, forming and fitting the confines of physical and mental space, while performing and informing process.
Created and performed by Lisa Natoli
Guest performer Heather Meyer

The Burden of the Disease
Symptoms of autoimmune diseases like fatigue, depression and anxiety are often rooted in the “burden of the disease.” People bear the emotional and financial weight of illness – of carrying the knowledge there’s something happening inside our bodies that we can’t control.
Created and performed by Marisa Lark Wallin


“The Dixon Place Lounge is open before and after the show, and you can bring your drink in the theater! Bar proceeds directly support DP’s artists and mission.”

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