Rough sketch

I often spend a great deal of time with a notebook on the studio floor. I am easily distracted and require a great deal of time to develop ideas and see what shape and directions ideas go or follow. I think in evening length forms more often than I think about an act. I pull acts out of evenings I would like to produce and present and work on them as individuals.

I sometimes have a performer in mind when I am building sequences; what they look good doing, what I can pull out of them that they might not pull out themselves, and sometimes things I am too afraid to do without a group therapy session and a coach.
I make a list of things I want to be better at, things I want to put into an act and I  also make a playlist of songs I think might work. If I have an idea but am not sure of what music fits I usually put the ipod on shuffle.
In the notebook  I write corrections for myself, if a word comes to mind I write it down, if a song grabs me I write it down or it reminds me of someone I write it down. So things I might reject at an impulse can be later explored. When things get hard I write down anything and everything  like ask Maia or ask Susie about this, see if Juanita is free to workshop this idea, ask Nicki for a theater exercise of understanding the character better. In my latest notebook I wrote research German avant-garde and  find silence in the piece. I throw away notebooks often as well I change music the same day of a performance and remove and replace choreography.

There has to always be a starting place it isn’t always pretty and it has to have space to evolve.



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