said about me

“When I watch Lisa I get inspired. I get inspired not only because I am an aerialist. Not only because I am her friend. I got inspired watching her before I was either of those things. I get inspired when I watch Lisa because there is an artistic soul present in her at all times; she is an eager, pure-hearted explorer of the vertical frontier in a way few aerialists and dancers can even tap into.  In addition to her uniquely primal yet feminine grace in the air, any audience can see she is an aerialist because her dance cannot be contained to the ground.  An apparatus to her is more than a performance tool, it is language tool. Lisa has exceptional skill for translating her dark and beautiful creative thoughts and impulses into this language. Her work is consistently compelling, and always challenging the traditional molds of dance, aerial and circus. She is an asset to New York and the growth of aerial arts in this city and beyond.” N.M

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