Workshop Descriptions

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Intuition and Technique
This class is for aerialists with some experience who want to broaden their boundaries and identify habits, assumptions and expectations in their artistic practice. We will work towards creating a coherent, thinking body by building awareness using techniques and skills collected through research and experience. We will integrate transitions and “tricks” into sequences to become better technicians and performing artists, being mindful of the question, “what are we choosing/drawing on and why?”

Cross Pollination: Vertical Apparatus
In this class we will look at how skills and theories transfer between vertical apparatus. We will examine wraps and learn to recognize how they are holding us up and leading us around.We will use the landmarks of wraps to find transitions, movement, and sequences to break muscle memory and find new ways of moving.

Classical technique/ Contemporary thought: Hoop
This workshop is for students that want to explore classic hoop vocabulary by way of contemporary thought. We will explore points of static and rolling contact and examine weight shifts that can help us find places of balance, release, and structure. You will gain movement awareness that supports intuition, technique, and your development as mover and creator.

Research and Destroy: Vertical theory abstract thought
In this class we will look at how skills and theories of points of contact, weight shifts, dropping, lofting, and body facings transfer between vertical apparatus. We will research wraps and learn to recognize how they are holding us up and leading us around. Together we will find inventive ways to enter and exit skills. This mixed level class is for both the intermediate and advanced student who want to gain awareness of how wraps function. Must come with an open and curious mind and be able to make a catchers and s wrap in the air.

Vertical Partnering
This class is for aerialists interested in experimental partnering and duo/ensemble work. We will focus on partnering, collaboration, and floor-to-air exits and entrances, using skills and theories borrowed from contact improvisation and movement studies, such as rolling and skipping points of contact, releasing, weight shifts, balance/counterbalance, all in context to your apparatus and partner.

Rope tools
In this class we look at tools to access the “tricks” we want to learn with progressions and discussions of the physical mechanics and landmarks of wraps. We will meet you at your level and work with the body you have to deepen understanding and discover your potential. Prerequisites: An open mind and willingness to try things. Must be able to invert in the air over and over again and climb to the top 3 times without touching the floor at the bottom.

ATF photo

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