Lisa Natoli is a freelance aerial artist specializing in silks, rope, and lyra. She attended the Alvin Ailey certificate program before receiving her degree in dance at the University of Iowa. She trained as an aerialist in NYC with Laura Witwer, Kevin O’Connor, and Terry Beeman. As an aerialist Lisa has performed in private, corporate, and staged events across the nation including Jenny Rocha’s “The Dinner Party: A Whodunnit Cabaret” and “Migrations”, choreographed by Cirque Du Soleil-alum Kristin Young. Lisa has performed at Black Hearts Burlesque (Minneapolis),Burlesque Below The Bridges (Brooklyn) and has performed in the Floating Kabarette at Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn), The Slipper Room (NYC), and Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret (Denver) . Lisa has been presenting her own evening length and ensemble work as well as curates evenings as Lisa’s Bright Ideas and Bright Ideas Aerial Salon in Brooklyn, NYC since 2008. LBI has collaborated with pedal steel player Bob Hoffnar, German photographer Henryk Spiess, and playwright Carrie Louis Nutt. Lisa has taught on-going classes at Aloft (Chicago), Circus Warehouse (NYC), Aerial Arts (NYC), The Muse (Brooklyn), and House of Yes (Brooklyn), and Frequent Flyers (Boulder). She has also taught many workshops across the nation: Aircat Aerial Arts (Boulder), Aerial Acrobatic Arts (Denver), Miraas Circus Arts (Denver), Bumbershoot (St. Louis), Project in Motion (Las Cruces), Altitude Aerials (Phoenix), Vertical Arts (Phoenix), Tucson Circus Arts (Tucson), Agora (Detroit), Detroit Flyhouse (Detroit), Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto (Toronto).

Lisa’s Bright Ideas

Lisa’s Bright Ideas is an aerial performance company based in Brooklyn. LBI has presented evening length performances since 2008 at various venues in Brooklyn including The Brooklyn Lyceum, MonkeyTown, Cantina Royal, The Gowanus Ballroom, Big Sky Works and Embody Language Studios. LBI has collaborated with musicain Bob Hoffnar, photographer Henryk Spiess, and video artist Andrew T. Foster. The performers have included Cody Schreger (The Met, Helium Aerial Dance), Susie Williams (The Flying Pages), Laura Sheehy (Cabaret, Mental Head Circus), Kristin Geneve Young (Cirque du Soleil), Maia Ramnath (Constellation Moving Company), Francis Stallings (Lady Circus, The Box), and Sarah Wollschlager. LBI also hosts and curates an aerial salon presenting some of the most skilled and innovative performers in NYC.


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