Lisa Natoli, also known as Iron Fanny, is an aerial performance artist living in Brooklyn. She is a sought after aerialist known for her unconventional approach and intensity of artistic curiosity. Lisa has performed in private, corporate, and staged events across the nation including Bindlestiff Family Cirkus (Flatbed Follies), Jenny Rocha’s “The Dinner Party: A Whodunnit Cabaret”, “Migrations”, choreographed by Cirque Du Soleil-alum Kristin Young, Body Break 6.0 (Toronto 2016), a creation project at St. Ann’s Warehouse for Spiegelworld with Director Steven Hoggett (2018), Elizabeth Munn’s “I Can’t Sleep” (2019), and “Some Animals Are Easily Startled” (Sept 2019), a work-in-process presented through Art Klub NOLA’s resident artist program. Since 2008, Lisa has presented her own evening length and ensemble work as Lisa’s Bright Ideas, and has curated performances as Bright Ideas Aerial Salon. LBI has collaborated with pedal steel-player Bob Hoffnar, German photographer Henryk Spiess, and playwright Carrie Louis Nutt.

 Lisa has been presenting her own evening length and ensemble work as well as curates evenings as Lisa’s Bright Ideas and Bright Ideas Aerial Salon in Brooklyn, NYC since 2008. selfportrait_n