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Lisas Bright Ideas - February 27th 2015-95-editBumbershoot Aerial Studio
St. Louis, Mo
Rope Monday starting May 18th 7:30-9pm
Hoop Tuesday starting May 19th 7:30-9pm
Silks  Starting May 14th 6:30-7pm

Workshops at Bumbershoot
Choreographing for Performance and Building a Thinking Body
Have you gotten very good at taking class, collected a lot of vocabulary, technique and skill, and are looking for a way to bridge the divide between class and performing?
In this workshop we will work together to build sequences using our experience to transfer skills from class to stage. Working with ideas of hanging, balancing, and falling, we will make connections between form and function. We will work to stay open and alert, observing habits and tensions to make room to grow as a mover and thinker.

This intensive choreography series will be taught in 2 sections, Rope and Hoop.  There will be 8 classes and 2 practice labs included in the series. In the lab practices the 2 sections will practice together. An informal showing of the full group piece will be held on June 19th.  All classes and labs are 1.5 hours as follows:

Friday May 15th class: Rope 6:30-8. Hoop 8-9:30.
Sunday May 17th class:  Rope 11-12:30. Hoop 12:30-2.
Friday May 22nd class:    Rope 6.30-8. Hoop 8-9:30.
Sunday May 24th  Lab:  Both sections practice 11-12:30. 
Friday May 29th class:  Rope 6:30-8. Hoop 8-9:30.
Sunday May 31class:    Rope 11-12:30. Hoop 12:30-2. 
FridayJune 5th class:    Rope 6:30-8. Hoop 8-9:30.
Sunday June 7th lab:    Both sections practice 11-12:30.
Friday June 12th class:  Rope 6:30-8. Hoop 8-9:30. 
Sunday June 14th class:  Rope 11-12:30. Hoop 12:30-2.
Friday June 19 performance:  Both sections 8-9 pm.

Price:  $200
Late registration fee add $10 after May 1.

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