St. Louis 4 Week Workshops Sept 26th-Oct 18th.

New-Orleans-LAmotionSt. Louis, MO
ST. Louis Aerial Collective
Research and Destroy (silks/rope)
6 hours @ $200.00
This workshop is for aerialists who want to broaden their boundaries and identify habits, assumptions and expectations in their artistic practice. We will work towards creating a coherent, thinking body by building awareness using techniques and skills collected through research and experience. We will integrate transitions and “tricks” into sequences.
Prerequisites: be able to invert in air repeatedly and understand a hip key and s-wrap. 4 classes, 1.5 hours each. Not eligible for member discount.

The Unconventional Side of Lyra
6 hours @ $200.00
This workshop is for students who want to explore classic hoop vocabulary by way of contemporary thought. We will explore points of static and rolling contact and examine weight shifts that can help us find unexpected places of balance and release. You’ll gain movement awareness that supports intuition, technique, and your development as mover and creator.
Prerequisites: a solid understanding of the basics, and able to invert & mount hoop without assistance. 4 classes, 1.5 hours each. No member discount


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