A show of my own, sort of

St. Louis, MO April 2019
Two evening of solos involving other people and longer form work.
If you can make it you can still contribute
It has been awhile since I have curated and produced a show of my own and will be the first time in St. Louis. I am bringing in a couple surprise special guests.
An evening told in two parts that also stand alone.

part (a)
Wednesday April 10th at The Monocle
Some Animals are Easily Startled

Lisa Natoli, in collaboration with S.L.A.C and The Monocle, presents and curates an evening of longer-form aerial performance, exploring themes of the body as politic and ideas that cannot be categorized or necessarily explained. The work seeks to push the limits of the art form in performance while asking the audience to be a present observer.

part (b)
April 12th at St. Louis Aerial Collective
Nostalgia Will Kill a Room
LISA NATOLI, in collaboration with SLAC, presents a lecture performance offering a look into the artist’s creative process, including excerpts of longer form aerial work. The setting emerges as collaborating companion, leaving Natoli’s experiential magic free to evoke new points of engagement, constantly blurring the lines of formal traditions and mass acceptance.
all ages allowed (adult subjects, cussing, and states of undress in show.) no content based refunds.

About: Bright Ideas is an aerial performance company founded in Brooklyn in 2008 and influenced, in part, by my background in dance and my childhood in 1970’s New Orleans. There, art and everyday life seemed to be rubbing up against each other at all times, wherever you looked, until it was hard to tell where one stopped and the other began. It has had an enormous effect on how I conceive of and create work: no separations or compartmentalizations, everything factors into everything else. A meal, a line of text, music, a performance I saw, the way someone walks across the street, all have an equal chance of inspiring my next piece.

Lisa Natoli also known as Iron Fanny is an aerial performance artist living in transit. She is a sought after aerialist known for her unconventional approach and intensity of artistic curiosity. She’s that character in films and books we root for, except this one’s flesh and blood. Her art isn’t printed, published, or filmed. It can’t be sold off a merch table. It exist for a moment of beauty, right in front of you, and then it’s gone Lisa worked on a creation project with Spiegelworld directed by Steven Hoggett at St. Ann’s Warehouse(NYC) in 2017. She has presented solo and ensemble work at The Toronto Contemporary Circus Festival, The House of Yes, Galapagos Art Space, CBGB’s Gallery, The Brooklyn Lyceum, Gowanus Ballroom, MonkeyTown, Invisible City, The Clocktower Cabaret, and with Black Hearts Burlesque.

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