The Funeral Project

58 N. 3rd St
8pm, two drink minimum, door $10
to reserve tickets email:

Lisa’s life was an imaginary three ring circus with long bouts of depression, suspicion, and manic upswings that led to some good and some bad ideas. She could carry on three conversations at the same time and sometimes needed an interpreter. She wanted to remove all references to alienate her audience into a collective site specific experience. We are gathered here today to roast and celebrate all the nuances that defined her being, as well as destroy our own misconceptions of self. Buy drinks and tip the bartender. Buy t-shirts and toast the viewing of the death of Lisa, suffocating under the weight of self – a solo involving other people. Some audience participation expected, slide show, and don’t get too close to the performers, they might bite or spit.

The Funeral Project is a solo (involving other people) where the performers rid themselves of the things that no longer serve them and asks the audience to do the same. It will be presented in four installments. This installment (the viewing) is a duet of finding balance within our relationship to self and the outside world. The viewing is performed by Lisa Natoli and Susie Williams

About the company:
Lisas’s Bright Ideas is a performance company that works conceptually in the vertical and horizontal. LBI combines movement and aerial work with their treasure troves of various backgrounds and experience.

Cantina Royal has great food so if you are looking for a place to eat before the show I suggest eating there.

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