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To Be Famous Isn’t Decent (Boris Pasternak)

To be famous isn’t decent, there’s
Nothing noble about it.
One shouldn’t start archives,
Tremble over manuscripts.

Creation is self giving, and not
Success, not sensation.
To be a parable on people’s lips
Is nothing is shame

Live without pretenses, live
So that, finally
You draw towards yourself the love
Of space, hear the future.

And leave gaps in fate, rather
Than have, marking the margins
Of your papers, places and chapters
Of a whole life.

Sink into obscurity,
Hide your steps in it,
As a place hides in fog
When you can’t see a thing.

Others will live their lives inch
By inch, along your path.
But you yourself should not distinguish
Victory from defeat.

And do not, in any thing
Retreat from yourself.
Just be alive, only that, alive,
Alive, only that, to the end.

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