BRIGHT IDEAS SALON April 28th, 7pm

Bright Ideas Salon returns to Brooklyn
Bright Ideas Salon
Wednesday April 28th, 7pm

Accidental Masterpiece is a series of movement essays and conversations that reveal a menagerie of paradox, grit, human behavior and mystery. It opens portals into a landscape where things begin and end without context, where social conventions fail, where an uprising ends as soon as it begins, where the unanswered question hangs heavy, and where the artist is called to create amongst the ruins of an industry. It is about the undeniable spirit of creation.
artist- artist talk after
Works by:
Lisa Natoli
Chriselle Tidrick
Performers: Lisa Natoli Maia Ramnath, Suzanne Karpinski,Chriselle Tidrick

About Bright Ideas Salon: Lisa started BIS in 2008 as a way to show longer form aerial work that combined artforms and have an artist curated platform to show work that breaks the rules.

Join us after in Dekalb Market to continue the conversation
Sliding scale: Pay what you can. Venmo@ironfanny
limited capacity and covid safe.
Must wear a mask properly to enter

Accidental Masterpiece 02

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