Quarantine project

I Am The Venue is a series of movement essays that reveal a private/public menagerie of paradox, grit, human behavior and mystery. It opens portals into a landscape where things begin and end without context, where social conventions fail, where an uprising ends as soon as it begins, where the unanswered question hangs heavy, and where the artist is called to create amongst the ruins of an industry. It is about the undeniable spirit of creation that endures even while spaces close, bodies age and resources dry up. I Am The Venue meditates upon Rebecca Solnits’ quote. “There is no good answer to being a woman; the art may instead lie in how we refuse the question.”

Art and community: Art elevates the human experience and provides space where ideas can be exchanged. Allowing ideas to act as a catalyst for change and foster empathy.

character sketches and movement essays in process can be found at Instagram @ironfanny to be constructed as an evening at a later date.


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